The Farmer's Wife: Remembering another Nebraska-Oklahoma game

I'm with all of you calling for discipline on the O line, but I admit I was surprised and quite pleased with Saturday's score. Now, I want to know what is wrong with the volleyball team!!

I had quite forgotten another day Nebraska beat Oklahoma; in 1959.  We didn't beat very many teams in those days; imagine our surprise, and glee, when we managed to beat them!!

In those days, Lincoln General had a brand new ICU, but nothing like they are today. No monitors, for one thing. As I recall, there were four beds, and the average stay was lengthy.  The usual order was for bedrest, remember that? 

Once they became stable, they moved to a step down unit, where they allowed limited ambulation, more generous diets, and the hope they would soon be going home.

And, finally, they graduated to a self care unit, where they could shower independently, and even take the elevator to the cafeteria on first floor, where they could pick and choose their food. (I don't remember anything about a low salt diet, though I'm sure the cardiac patients were on that diet.)

Mr. Anderson was a UNL grad, and a huge follower of all sports. I was working in that self care unit that Saturday. Tough job!  Mr. Anderson had the radio on the game.

As it progressed, Mr. A became much more animated! Of course, most of the radios were on that station, but he was the only one “getting into it! 'If I remember correctly, there was a knocked over water pitcher, and they weren't the kind with a snap on lad like the ones we see today.

I checked his vital signs, and they were all over the monitor! At one time, we thought we would have to move him back to the ICU!  He was that excited!

Well, the goal posts came down. They were made of wood, and it was easier to get them out of the ground. Many splinters became keepsakes.

And that was not all; on Monday, there were no classes! Plus, Mike always said there were panty raids in the houses on campus. That was a big deal in those days; panty raids!!

Mr A was in the hospital a number of days; and became a very good friend. He and his wife came to our wedding. She called my Mom to get the name of my silver pattern. What silver pattern? I was moving to a farm  I did pick out stainless steal, so she settled for that.

Another farmer's wife, who was married ahead of us, was teaching school that whole year. She bought one place setting every month, when she got her paycheck. When they were married 25 years, friend husband went to town to buy four more place settings so they would have a dozen.

After he checked the prices, he came home without more, threatening to sell what they had! So much for silver on the farm!  Or anywhere, any more. My stainless even goes in the dishwasher. Grin!! 

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