Appointments made, update given during special council meeting

Five people were appointed to the Board of Health during the Wayne City Council's first virtual meeting on March 27.

Named to the board were Dr. Mark McCorkindale, MD, Chief of Police Marlin Chinn, Mayor Cale Giese, Council President Jill Brodersen, and Kim Schultz with the Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department.

This group would be responsible for taking action to declare a state of emergency in the city should one be necessary.

During the meeting, Mayor Giese said the board would be meeting on Monday, March 30.

The other agenda item involved discussion on possible action to be taken in the event the city needs to take legal action to limit the activity of citizens during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Hopefully, we will never get to the point of having to have the city on lock down. I feel the businesses in Wayne are taking the necessary measures to ensure the safety of their customers," Mayor Giese said.

Council members discussed the need to implement an ordinance that would give law enforcement officials the authority to cite a business for violation of the law.

"There is a fine line here. We don't want to enact an ordinance too soon for people will think we have over reacted, but on the other hand, we don't want to wait too long," Mayor Giese said.

City Attorney Amy Miller discussed possible wording on an ordinance and noted the violation would be a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Following discussion, council members felt it best to wait to enact an ordinance until the governor, the health department or the city's Board of Health declares a Directed Health Measure (DHM) for Wayne County.

Mayor Giese said he feels that at some point, a state of emergency will be declared and that at that time, the city will need to take steps to ensure the city will receive its share of federal money allocated for use during the pandemic.

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