Commissioners talk courthouse project at meeting

The Wayne County Commissioners meeting was dominated by discussions about the courthouse restoration project on Tuesday morning. The commissioners discussed lawn care and repair, which has been impacted by the project, as well as stonework in the project.

Dawn Duffy, Wayne County assessor was first to speak to the commissioners. She updated them about valuations within the county. On average valuations for residential land has slightly increased, especially for rural owners. Ag land on the other hand has slightly decreased.

Toni Hytrek, owner of Hytrek Lawn Service, came before the commissioners to voice concerns over the state of the courthouse lawn, particularly on the west and south sides, where she said deep ruts from construction equipment is making it hard for her crew to properly mow the area.

"I didn't realize how much damage there was until we mowed it last week," Hytrek told the commissioners.

Hytrek said in some places ruts were over a foot deep and said the lawn would have to be regraded and refilled at the end of the project. Commissioner Jim Rabe told Hytrek to not worry about how the lawn looks until after the repairs can be made.

Work on the courthouse is progressing and soon stonework can begin. Red sandstones were quarried for the project, but because of the size of the stones, around six of them had fissures, which were filled with epoxy. Frank Halsey, with Mid Continental Restoration said he was told red sandstone beds anywhere in the continental U.S. will start to see imperfection in stones between 18-24 inches.

Halsey and Berggren Architects representative Doug Elting, suggested cutting out the epoxy and mixing in color-matched patching material to make the imperfections less noticeable and provide some protection to the stones. Another option of cutting below the imperfections and adding another stone on top was discussed. Halsey will gather more information about which option would be best. 

County highway superintendent Mark Casey told the commissioners he's still working with representatives of the Sholes wind project to clear up driveway issues that the company has yet to resolve. He said that the Plum Creek wind project road expansions are about to be removed by the company and he's still not comfortable with the road haul agreement with Tradewinds.

The next Wayne County Commissioners meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 5 at 9 a.m.

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