Council approves plan for additional work on walking trail

More than a half hour of discussion took place during Tuesday's meeting before Wayne City Council members approved a change order in regard to the Restoration of the Walking Trail Project.

The change order will result in an increase of $374,117.50 for the project, which involves a portion of the trail west of the area that was originally included in restoring the trail after the 2019 floods.

This additional amount comes after a visual observation of the site and the need for additional steel sheet piling and bank restoration approximately 100 feet in a westerly direction. It will provide mitigation and prevent floodwater intrusion upstream in the event of a similar flood event in the future.

The cost for the additional work and materials would be cost shared at a rate of 75 percent being paid by FEMA, 12.5 percent being paid by NEMA and the city of Wayne paying the remaining 12.5 percent. These percentages are the same as with the rest of the project.

Council members spent considerable time debating the costs of several items in the change order that were different than those in the bid for the original part of the project.

"We are giving the contractor an open door to change prices. The contractor raised the prices on the same work and it will cost $89,000 more. It is not worth the cost to go an extra 100 feet," said Council member Chris Woehler.

Council member Jill Brodersen asked whether the agenda item could be tabled until the city could get more information from the contractor.

City Administrator Wes Blecke said the contractors plan to begin work on the project in the near future and if the item were tabled, the work on the other portion of the project would be completed before council had time to act on it.

In conjunction with the change order for the work, a change order was approved for an additional $12,500 for engineering costs for Leo A. Day. This will include additional work and on-site inspection of the project.

A change order in the amount of $7,500 for concrete to be used in the staging area for the restoration and mitigation project was denied. Council members felt this cost should have been included in the original bid.

The concrete would be used to protect the highway as equipment used in the project enters and exits the work area.

During the meeting, a public hearing was held in regard to the Planning Commission's recommendation to amend the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan for the city.

The change would allow for changes to the zoning map for land near the Rugby Fields. This would allow for multi-family housing in that area. The changes also include areas that have been annexed into the city recently.

BJ Woehler spoke to the council and said the city "shouldn't be getting rid of land. I think you are putting the cart before the horse. You don't have a plan for the lagoon area and this area is near the treatment plant. Because it is flat, it would be an ideal area for industrial growth."

Council members Brodersen and Matt Eischeid said they did not think the area near the Rugby Fields was a good area for industrial businesses as those using the area would have to go through residential areas.

In other action, a resolution was approved for Michelle Hammer, dba the Broken Antler for a Class C Liquor License. Hammer told the council she has worked at the Broken Antler for approximately eight years and plans to purchase the business.

Resolution 2020-22 was approved. It involves an addendum to the inter local agreement to share law enforcement resources with the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges (Wayne State College). 

Because Wayne State ended in-person classes on March, the college was requesting a reduction in the payments made to the city for law enforcement services at the college.

Bob Ensz, representing the Wayne Rotary Club, presented information to the council on a plan to install a permanent ping pong table at College View Park near the old swimming pool.

Ensz said the Rotary Club would pay for the ping pong table and cement pad for securing the 350 lb. table and would like the city to install it.

Parks and Recreation Director Lowell Heggemeyer said he felt the College View Park would be a good location as the city needs to get rid of the slide that is currently there. He reviewed the information on the ping pong table and said there should be no problem with the city staff installing it.

Council members approved pay applications and change orders in connection with the Wayne Emergency Lift Station Repair Project.

A payment of $92,299 to Hawkins Construction Company was approved, as was a payment of $9,617.69 to Rain for Rent.

A change order for the project resulted in a check for $694.00 also being written to Rain for Rent. This amount is a deduct from the original amount of $978 and cost to the city was further reduced by the fact the firm sent a check to the city for $205 for work the city had done in connection with the project.

Bids have been received for the Community Activity Center Walking Track Repair/Restoration Project.

Discussion included whether the council would rather patch several areas or restore one, larger section of the trail that would include these areas and additional track area.

The bid to Dynamic Sports Construction, Inc. from Leander, Texas was approved for $50,591.84 for the larger project. Work is expected to begin in May.

City Administrator Blecke gave an update on the COVID-19 pandemic in the city of Wayne. He said a Task Force meets every Wednesday to discuss updates and ensure all local entities are doing the same thing in regard to the pandemic. He also said that at the present time, the city still plans to leave the parks open and open the swimming pool at some point.

Mayor Cale Giese encouraged council members to continue to shop locally and ask business owners what services they are providing. He also asked council members to reach out to others who, during this time of social distancing, may not be able to use their normal systems of support.

In other action, the council approved the appointment of Bob Ensz to the Civil Service Commission. He will replace Galen Wiser on the Commission.

Mayor Giese read a proclamation in regard to Friday, April 24 being designated Arbor Day in the state of Nebraska.

Reappointments to the Planning Commission and the year the term will expire included Breck Giese (2021), Pat Melena (2021), Jessie Piper (2022), Jason Schultz (2022), Matt Jones (2023), Cory Sandoz (2023) and Nick Hochstein (2023).

The council will next meet in regular session on Tuesday, May 5 at 5:30 p.m.

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