February Student of the Month

Wayne State College and The Wayne Herald are featuring students of the month each month. Look for students you may know and congratulate them on a job well done!

Avery Herman is a freshman at Wayne High School. Avery has a very positive attitude, strong work ethic and is reliable to participate in everything. She is very bright and organized. Avery willingly volunteers and is an asset because she is very knowledgable, cheerful and helpful to fellow students. Avery is willing to try things outside her comfort zone, is respectful, and always does her best. She is a wonderful leader by example. She was nominated by the Wayne High School faculty. Avery is the daughter of Kelby and Joelle Herman.

Layton Becker is a first grader at Wayne Elementary School. Layton has put in a lot of work this year and has shown great improvement! He is very helpful and strives to make good choices. I am looking forward to watching him make more progress throughout the rest of the year!. He was nominated by Mrs. Ostrand. Layton is the son of Matt and Kim Becker. Other school involvements include Kids Club. Outside activities include he likes to ride his bike, go fishing, golf with his dad and play Minecraft.

Travis Heithold is in kindergarten at St. Mary's Catholic School. He shows respect and kindness to his classmates and teachers. When he sees a need, he helps without being asked. He is smart and funny and always tries to do his best. He was nominated by Gail Hochstein, kindergarten teacher. Travis is the son of Jason and Melissa Heithold. Other school activities include music, PE and St. Group. He is also involved in wrestling and farming with his dad.

Alyssia Strivens is a senior at Allen Consolidated School. Alyssia has pushed herself to take upper level and college classes. She will graduate this May with 32 hours of college credit! Way to go, Alyssia!! She was nominated by Lana Oswald. Alyssia is the daughter of Rodney and Candy Strivens. Other school involvements include High School mentor, National Honor Society, speech, band, choir, science fair, Science Club and Student Council. Outside activities include Girls State and Can.

Delaney Ehlers is a senior at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge High School. Delaney has a strong sense of purpose. Her confidence and work ethic will no doubt serve her well in pursuit of her educational and career goals. Delaney is an excellent role model for her peers and our younger students. She was nominated by Mrs. Alan Gottula. Delaney is the daughter of Katie Kvols and Derek Ehlers. Other school involvements include Student Council, National Honor Society, basketball, volleyball, track, Spanish Club and Science Club.

Harper Bruning is a fifth grader at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge Middle School. Harper is such a "do-good" kid! She comes to school with a smile and works hard every day. Harper is so proud of her school and her family. She puts her best foot forward each and every day! She was nominated by Mrs. Amy Hall. Harper is the daughter of Jeremy and Mandy Bruning. Harper enjoys hunting with her dad. She also loves to draw, doodle and be creative.

Jake Bargstadt is a freshman at Winside Public High School. Jake actively participates in sports and extracurricular activities. He consistently excels in his endeavors. Jake happily volunteers to assist others and Winside is proud to recognize his leadership. He was nominated by the Winside staff. Jake is the son of Darrin and Dana Bargstadt. Other school involvements include FCCLA, volleyball, basketball, track, student council and quiz bowl.

Miley Gnirk is a fifth grader at Winside Elementary School. Miley is a very polite and kind student who is helpful to peers and staff. She happily greets others and participates in discussion. Winside staff appreciate Miley's pleasant demeanor. She was nominated by  the Winside staff. Miley is the daughter of Matthew and Heather Gnirk.

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