First Thurston County, third NNPHD COVID-19 case

Northeast Nebraska Public Health Department (NNPHD) reports the third confirmed COVID-19 case within the health district of Cedar, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne Counties. It is the first case for Thurston County.

The patient, a male in his 60s, is a resident of Thurston County. Lab results were received by the health department on April 22. The NNPHD Nursing Team has begun an investigation to determine how this person became exposed to the virus and identify close contacts who may need to quarantine and monitor for symptoms. 

“The virus continues to make its presence known in our communities. The number of cases in our state continues to grow. It is very important that we remember to use good social distancing and infection control practices help slow the spread of the virus,” Julie Rother, Health Director at NNPHD said.

Good social distancing practices include: 

• keeping a six-foot distance from others, 

• limiting trips to the store to once per week, 

• not gathering in groups outside of your household members, 

• using virtual methods of connecting with friends and neighbors such as on a computer or smart phone, and 

• remembering to call those you know who may live alone to check in on them to ensure they are healthy and safe. 

Good infection control practices include things such as: 

• wearing a fabric face mask when you go to the store, 

• washing hands often and for at least 20 seconds each time, 

• daily cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, and 

• staying home and away from others when ill. 

All of these things together help to limit any unnecessary exposure to the virus.

Stay up to date with the coronavirus situation on the CDC website at Nebraska DHHS has a COVID-19 call-in line where the public can get their questions answered about the virus. The phone line operates from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days per week. Call (402) 552-6645. Follow NNPHD on Facebook to get the latest local testing numbers and results or visit their website for local updates at 

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