LCC parents alerted to possible mumps case

Laurel-Concord-Coleridge parents and guardians were alerted to a possible case of mumps on Feb. 18. The school's website relayed the information from Northeast Nebraska Health Department (NNPHD).

According to the notice, the case has not been confirmed, but families are encouraged to take appropriate precautions. The health department is working with the school to inform the public about the symptoms of mumps and how to respond if symptoms of the highly contagious illness are present.

NNPHD suggests checking immunization records to make sure every member of the family has had the MMR vaccine and booster.

Mumps is spread by coughing, sneezing and sharing saliva so it's important to practice good hygiene, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands often and don't share glasses, water bottles or utensils.

Symptoms of mumps include swollen glands around the face and neck, earache, jaw pain, fever, fatigue, testicular pain and/or swelling and general muscle aches.

NNPHD says if any of those symptoms are present or if members of the public are ill, it is critical to stay home from school or work and see a physician. Those who are possibly sick with mumps need to stay away from others until five days after swelling begins. If swelling is still present after five days, it's important to stay home until the swelling is gone. Cases need to be reported to NNPHD by calling (402) 375-2200 or (402) 375-2260 and asking for Nicole or Julie.

NNPHD reminds the public that antibiotics are not a treatment for mumps because the illness is a viral infection. Those who have not been vaccinated should consider getting vaccinated by contacting their primary care physician, local immunization clinic or pharmacy.

For more information about mumps or other public health concerns, contact NNPHD at (402) 375-2200.

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