Farmer's Wife - Sports are topic of discussion this week

You know, I haven't talked football for a long time. I bet you missed it!!  

In the early days of this weekly spiel, I mentioned it a lot, and received a wonderful letter of appreciation from a Wayne county boy on a big ship in the Atlantic. I seriously doubt that any military folks from our part of Nebraska even get the paper any more. But I see they can read it on line now, which is the way my kids read newspapers.

Well, I was excited when Scott Frost was announced as head coach, too. And I admit I've been disappointed, even discounting a lot of bad luck, like rain. And, every fall, our hopes are up; they are this fall, too.

I watched some of the Big Ten media days and I realized again that Coach Frost says “uh” frequently, which I find distracting. Also, he overused the adjective excited; I hope his excitement is rewarded.

I was impressed by Trev Alberts.  My, he's BIG!  And, he's smooth. He had the right answers to the questions. It all remains to be seen. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about the transfer portal and NIL. College sports have changed.  It's about money.

I have to say I'm following one recruit from Kearney Catholic because of his name. How can someone named Heinrich Haarberg fail?  I'm not even going to comment on Oklahoma and Texas.. except to say they are greedy..

I'm sort of optimistic about Nebraska basketball; again, a long time coming. I kind of miss Tim Miles. But those two McGowens boys seem talented, and, again, the coach sounds optimistic. They are supposed to sound like that!

Wayne State basketball has been assisted for three season now by Jordan Janssen. I watched his Dad do a lot of good things at Wesleyan, and his Grandma is a good friend. I send the Herald articles to her, and she gives them to Dana.

I watched the All State basketball games last night. Allison Wiedner was fun to watch.  I was sorry to see Alexis Markowski on the bench with a torn hamstring. I have great hopes for Amy Williams' team this year.

The American Legion finals are being played right now. Those athletes will go from the diamond to football practice in many cases. I know it's good to be diversified, but when do they get a vacation?

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