Activity Center open for late-night lifters

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and wished you could get an early-morning workout in to help you fall back to sleep before another busy day at the office?
Now you can, thanks to additions at the Wayne Community Activity Center that now makes the facility’s workout area to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Construction that allows for the placement of a steel gate that closes off the office and main area of the activity center during off hours was completed this past week, and WCAC director Bryce Meyer said everything is ready for those whose workout schedules fall outside the center’s normal hours of operation.
“It’s great for people who get off of work late or can’t sleep at night and need something to do, or even for those who want to get an early workout in before we open up,” he said.
The steel gate is stored away during working hours and secured at the end of the day, leaving the bathrooms, concession area and workout facility open for those who register for a special key fob that they can use to access the facility from the door leading to the concession area.
“The key fob works on that door only outside of regular hours,” Meyer said. “You can enter and leave only from that door after hours, otherwise only the front door is accessible.”
Motion sensors have been installed in the areas that are open around the clock, turning the lights off after 30 minutes if no activity is discovered. Cameras are in place at the entrance and on either side of the workout room, allowing local police to keep an eye on the facility once the staff has gone home for the day.
“The police can keep an eye on the area to make sure nothing bad is going on,” he said.
Meyer said the WCAC members can stop by the activity center to register their account with a key fob to access the 24-hour setup that was approved last fall by the Wayne City Council.
“We’re just now in the process of giving out fobs to people who want them,” Meyer said. “We received a lot of interest for it on social media, so it will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of it.”

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