Board of Education to host Community Engagement Meeting

The Wayne Community Schools Board of Education has scheduled community meetings for Wednesday, Oct. 27 at the Carroll Auditorium, and Thursday, Nov. 11 at the Wayne Junior/Senior High School Commons.  

The public sessions will take place beginning at 5:30 p.m.

This community discussion is part of a larger Strategic Planning process and will give the Board of Education and district administration the opportunity to listen to community stakeholders. 

The results will help formulate a vision of the future, and identify goals and strategies necessary to move the district forward to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We will be discussing the strengths, accomplishments, and challenges of our school district, the vision, and expectations for our schools, and the goals and objectives necessary to design our future. 

Community members are being invited by the district for two reasons:  to ensure that a broad cross-section of interests, backgrounds and perspectives are included, and to ensure that board members are able to hear from all participants in a purposeful and efficient manner.  

"We are inviting staff members, parents, students, community leaders and other interested members of the public to work together with us – so that we may effectively plan for the future of our district and students," said Wayne Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Lenihan.  

Any patron wishing to attend these sessions or to submit written comments that will be considered as part of the process is encouraged to do so.  

Representatives of the Nebraska Association of School Boards will facilitate the community engagement process. 

For more information, call or email Mark Lenihan, Superintendent at (402) 375-3150, or

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