Webinar on Force Majeure will examine how extraordinary events impact ag contracts

The impact of COVID-19 on Nebraska’s agricultural economy is being felt by producers, landowners and businesses across the state. An upcoming University of Nebraska-Lincoln webinar will explore the legal issues surrounding agricultural contracts and potential avenues available to all parties during the ongoing pandemic. 

“Force Majeure: How Extraordinary Events Can Impact Ag Contracts” will be presented by Nebraska Extension’s Farm and Ranch Management team on Thursday at noon CDT, as part of its weekly series of online workshops.  

Many agricultural contracts have an “act of God” clause, which usually provides that, when an unforeseen extraordinary event occurs, neither party is held to the agreement. For contracts that do not have such a clause, other elements of general contract law may relieve one or both parties of liability for not performing under the contract.

Dave Aiken, a professor and agricultural law specialist in the Department of Agricultural Economics, will explore these issues as they might apply to the agriculture industry as a result of the pandemic. 

The webinar will be held live on Zoom and run for approximately one hour, including time for questions from participants. Registration is open to everyone at go.unl.edu/manage2020. Additional information, a schedule of other upcoming webinars and recordings of past sessions are available as well.

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