Lincoln Journal Star announces Academic All-State selections

The Lincoln-Journal Star recently announced the names of the students selected to this year's Academic All-State roster.

The list includes student-athletes who are juniors or seniors who have been nominated by their coach or another representative of their high school. Nominees, however, must carry a cumulative grade-point average of 3.6 or better on a 4.0 scale and be a varsity starter. Among non-starters, one individual who contributes significantly to his or her varsity team could also be nominated.

The Journal Star staff evaluated each nomination, weighing factors relating to both athletic and academic achievement. Therefore, it is possible for a nominated student-athlete to qualify for Academic All-State in one sport but not another. NOTE: These selections are not associated with the NSAA academic all-state awards.

SPORT KEY: Base-baseball, BBB-boys basketball, GBB-girls basketball, BOWL-bowling; BXC-boys cross country, GXC-girls cross country, FB-football, BGo-boys golf, GGo-girls golf, BSo-boys soccer, GSo-girls soccer, SB-softball, BSw-boys swimming, GSw-girls swimming, BTe-boys tennis, GTe-girls tennis, BTF-boys track, GTF-girls track, VB-volleyball, WR-wrestling.

Students earning the recognition from Laurel-Concord-Coleridge, their grade and GPA include:

GGo — Brianna Campbell, Senior, 3.9;

BXC — Ethan Cross, Senior, 3.9;

GXC — Kaylee Donner, Senior, 3.9;

VB — Megan Forsberg, Senior, 3.9;

VB — Cassandra Granquist, Junior, 4.0;

GBB, VB, GTF  — Kinsey Hall, Junior, 4.0;

BTF — Tyler Lubberstedt, Senior, 3.9;

BXC, BTF — Matthew Nelson, Senior, 3.7;

BXC, BTF — Dillon Olson, Senior, 3.6;

BTF, BBB, FB — Deagan Puppe, Jr. 3.9

VB — Katelin Schutte, Senior, 4.0;

VB, GTF, GBB — Jordynn Urwiler,  Junior, 4.0;

VB, GTF, GBB  — Erica Wolfgram, Senior, 4.0.

Those Wayne High School students selected for the honor include:

VB — Reagan Backer, Junior, 3.9;

FB, BBB — Brandon Bartos, Junior, 3.8;

GGo, BOWL — Natalie Bentjen, Senior, 3.9;

BTF, BXC, BBB — Treyton Blecke, Senior, 4.0;

GTF — Courtney Brink, Junior,  4.0;

FB, BOWL, Base — James Dorcey, Junior, 3.8;

SB, GBB —  Kendall Dorey, Junior, 4.0;

SB — Nicole Fertig, Senior, 3.9;

VB — Peyton French, Senior, 3.7;

FB, BBB, Base — Nolan Hunke, Senior, 3.8;

Base, BBB — Jacob Kneifl, Senior, 4.0;

VB, GTF, GBB — Kiara Krusemark, Junior, 4.0;

BXC — Nathan Kufner, Senior,  4.0;

VB, GBB — Emily Longe, Senior,  4.0;

SB, GBB — Mikaela McManigal, Junior, 3.9;

BTF, BOWL — Lance Muhs, Senior, 3.9;

SB — Hope O’Reilly, Junior, 3.8;

VB — Lauren Pick, Senior, 3.6;

VB —  Sydney Redden, Junior, 3.8;

SB — Taytum Sweetland, Junior, 3.9;

BBB, FB — Colton Vovo, Senior, 3.8;

BGo, FB, BBB — Tanner Walling, Junior, 3.9;

BTF — Ethan Wibben, Junior, 3.8.

BXC, BGo — Christopher Woerdemann, Senior, 4.0.

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